Currently, there is only one deployment of RadGrad: the "ICS deployment". RadGrad is intended to support separate deployments for each academic unit. It is possible for each academic unit to choose its own deployment approach.

ICS Deployment Approach

The ICS Deployment is available at:

The ICS deployment is hosted at Galaxy, a Meteor-specific hosting service. We chose Galaxy for the ICS deployment because:

  • To our knowledge, Galaxy does the best job of eliminating "devops" overhead on development. We find Galaxy-based deployment to be extremely simple and reliable.
  • Galaxy provides SSL (https) automatically. SSL configuration can be complex and time-consuming.

The MongoDB instance for the ICS Deployment is hosted at MLab.

To deploy, you must have permission to deploy to the radgrad organization at Galaxy. You must also have access to the settings.production.json file used for this deployment. See Philip if you require deployment capability.

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